Skagen Hagen Connected Review: A Classic Hybrid Watch

Skagen Hagen Connected
Skagen Hagen Connected Review: A Classic Hybrid Watch


The Skagen Hagen Connected simply nails it on style! It’s just gorgeous and reason alone to buy. Just don’t expect Apple watch functionality as being a hybrid, the features are stripped down. However, this gives you beautiful styling and awesome battery life.


  1. A classic design with innovative technology
  2. Quality leather and metal build
  3. Charging not required


  1. Limited features
  2. No digital display
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If you need the functionality of a modern smartwatch but don’t want to compromise on the classic style of a traditional wrist piece then this Skagen hybrid smartwatch from Skagen Hagen could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

It certainly has the style box checked, but does it live up to the billing in terms of modern smartwatch features?

Read on to find out in our in-depth review of the new Skagen Hagen Connected smartwatch.

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Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch Build & Design

With a choice of real leather or silvertone metal strap, they are both incredibly striking and give the watch a distinctive look.

I prefer the tan leather strap which gives a beautiful contrast with the metal casing of the watch face. The strap only comes in one size but should have enough wiggle room to fit most wrist sizes.

Most smartwatches have a stack of features, but they are often let down by a somewhat “toyish” look. Rest assured you will not have that problem donning a Hagen Connected on your wrist.

In my opinion, it’s probably the best-looking hybrid smartwatches I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot!

It comes in a total of four colors with leather or metal straps. These are Brown/Grey, Silver/Silver, Brown/Rose Gold, and Black/Silver.

[Each color below takes to its official product page on click]

Brown and GreySilver and Silver

Brown and Rose GoldBlack and Silver

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Let’s take a look at the important features. Hybrids are sometimes let down by a lack of features as they aren’t “all-out” smartwatches. How does the Skagen Hagen Connected get on in this regard?

1. Activity Tracking: It has basic smart activity tracking like counting steps, calories burnt, distance traveled, water intake, tracking sleep, and so forth. You can set your goals and see your approach with the Skagen iOS or Android app.

2. Automatic Time and Date: It pulls the time and the date when is synchronized with a device. No manual action is required at your end. It additionally supports multiple time zones, and that means a tap on the side button will show your desired time/date.

3. Smart Notification: The Skagen Connected notifies the wearer by haptic vibration and a dial-based analog pointer (the smallest dial and the surrounding having four different colors). In fact, you are given the ability to select notifications that you merely want to be nudged for. They include phone calls, messages, e-mails, and some app notifications.

4. Remote Link Function: Skagen Link Technology enables the user to snap photos, control music, and control many other things on your phone by tapping on the side of the watch.

5. No Charging Built: It uses a regular coin cell battery which will keep it running for 4-6 months at a time. That means no daily charging or being a slave to the battery life. The battery is also really easily swapped out when the time comes.

6. Android/iOS Connectivity: This Skagen smartwatch connects to Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+ enabled phones wirelessly. It synchronizes with the Skagen APP and saves progress.

Hagen Connected Smartwatch Features

One more thing you might want to know to be on the safe side. The Skagen Hagen doesn’t have a digital screen at all. It is a full-featured analog hand watch with smart sensors and a dial-based 4-color signal for notification. It does have a vibration feature for feedback too.

Is the Skagen Hagen Connected Worth It?

Let’s be clear if you need a smartwatch to help you keep track of fitness goals and improve running times then this is not it (get a Garmin). It’s also not the watch for you if you need it to help keep you organized (get an Apple or Samsung watch). 

However, if you’re looking for an upgrade on a traditional watch but aren’t convinced by the futuristic styling of most smartwatches then this Skagen hybrid smartwatch is well worth a look.

It’s a really attractive piece of design that is bound to attract attention. While not feature-packed it packs just enough to make life a little bit easier.

Do you own one of these watches or perhaps have experience with one in the past? Let us know about your experience in the comments section down below!

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