Helo lx Review – An Honest Opinion

A Deep Dive Into HELO Lx

HELO is an acronym for Health & Lifestyle Oracle that was introduced by Wor(l)d Global Network in January 2017. Their motto is “Self-care is the new health care.”

HELO LX is not only a fitness/health tracker, but it is also a wellness device that is designed to monitor your personal fitness as well as display your vital health functions in real-time.

The cutting-edge and sleek design thanks to 21st-century technology that is incorporated into this wristband includes advanced programming of science data analysis to offer you the best in health tracking that is compared to none.

HELO LX’s unique algorithms work hand in hand with the advanced Machine Learning Techniques to enable the HELO LX device, when working with the relevant apps, to provide you with a better understanding of your body and health criteria on a daily basis.

These effective advanced technologies employ Artificial Intelligence so that HELO LX can accrue the raw data and develop an analysis utilizing the algorithms that are all based on predictive methods. The device then can provide the user easy to understand statistics that are actually based on the accumulated behavior pattern of the user.

As the most advanced health and lifestyle “wearable,” HELO LX serves many purposes: a complete health and fitness monitoring, GPS, panic button, and Smartphone app that provides you all the biometric data you need right into your hand and onto your wrist.

HELO LX is leading the way with the first and only device of its kind that can monitor dozens of personal fitness and vital wellness functions. WOR(l)D Global Network equals cutting edge wearable technology. The introduction of the HELO LX has taken the wearable technology industry to an all-new plateau.

With the convenience of being worn on the wrist, the modern-looking HELO LX offers identical fitness functions like its competitors and more. Its abundant applications make it possible for HELO LX to reliably and accurately real-time feedback biomarkers such as blood pressure, breath rate, heart rate plus other vitals like an electrocardiogram, sleep quality, mood, and fatigue in real-time, with more add-on features including Blood Glucose levels, Blood Alcohol Content and Blood Oxygen Content.

HELO LX works using photoplethysmography (PPG). Have you ever heard of photoplethysmography? A long word that does not seem very easy to pronounce.

Even if you have not heard of the term it is likely you know what it does because you have been to a doctor’s office, and have seen the technology in action.

You know them as Pulse Oximeters that are available in most medical facilities. It is placed on your fingertip and from the device’s readings, the doctor is able to give a quick non-invasive measurement of your heart rate and blood oxygenation levels.

HELO LX utilizes this very same technology, as a far more advanced version. At the core of HELO LX’s technology is the ApP Lite Biosensor manufactured by Toshiba incorporating photoplethysmography, which is a unique optical technique used to detect volumetric changes in blood in the peripheral circulation.

Using LEDs to emit both green light and infrared light from the HELO LX into the body, then the device monitors the reflected light using optical sensors. Computer-based pulse wave analysis techniques are involved in order to detect volumetric changes in blood in the peripheral circulation.

The PPG creates waveforms that are comprised of a pulsating ‘AC’ physiological waveform in sync with changes in the blood volume with each heartbeat. This then is superimposed on a slowly varying ‘DC’ baseline with various lower frequency components attributed to respiration, sympathetic nervous system activity, and thermoregulation.

Using a computer-based pulse wave analysis technique, the data is processed and reported to you on your Smartphone as figures that are easily recognized and understood.

Who’s It For?

Wearing this stylish HELO LX on the wrist allows you to keep a close eye on the vital signs of an aging parent or other elderly relatives as well as tracking a child with chronic conditions that require you to be in their immediate proximity.

This device can also assist during medical consultations. The doctors can help you review your metrics on the HELO LX to assess your bio-metrics standing and how your conditions are responding to medications.

This product is quite suited for anyone who is seriously interested in maintaining their optimal fitness, ideal weight loss, to improve and maintain a better quality of sleep, as well as other areas of health that HELO LX can gauge and support you towards achieving optimal health goals.

What a sophisticated piece of equipment conveniently on your wrist all for the purpose of regularly monitoring one’s health in order to provide reliable info to support any necessary changes in one’s lifestyle. All of this to improve one’s quality of life is what the HELO LX is designed to do.

What We Like About HELO LX

HELO LX monitors heart rate, steps, calories burned distance traveled, sleep quantity, and so much more so that you can achieve a healthier lifestyle and remain in better physical condition.

The invaluable GPS tracker allows the wearer to activate the device when they’re in danger. So that makes this device perfect for the elderly or a child with serious health concerns to wear at all times. This tracker will send text and call alerts to those listed in the app as a contact person, should the wearer’s vitals become abnormal.

Clearly the most technologically advanced wearable, vital statistics monitoring, and reporting device available on the planet. Giving you control by helping you improve your quality of life and peace of mind because you are more aware of your state of health in real-time.

The more current your awareness of your state of health the better prepared you are to take the right steps to improve your overall quality of life thanks to this device that is both a real-time health monitoring device and disease prediction assistant that can be worn 24/7.

HELO LX is water-resistant. Washing your hands while wearing the device is okay, however, it should NOT be fully immersed in water. It is recommended that you take it off before showering or doing any water immersed activities.

By using your HELO LX you are investing in your health. Suggesting this product to the people you care for and love is supporting them to embrace a better lifestyle.

HELO LX does not appear to be very hard to use. Its layout is pretty typical and does not appear to have any functions that are complicated to figure out for the average user.

What We Don’t Like About HELO LX

When researching the company it appears that Wor(l)d Global Network – the creators of HELO LX – was previously under a different name, Global Mobile Network, and that company used to sell tablets, apps, and “Power Clouds,” products that can no longer be found.

You know the expression “sounds too good to be true.” Well, when it comes to the HELO LX that saying me be close to mark based on the many customer reviews of this product.

The device is inaccurate in its readings or it stops working after a short period of time. When customers tried to return the product within the 30-day return policy, customer service was unresponsive which affected the customer’s ability to timely meet the return policy time frame.

Half of the advertised features were not available in the app. Usually, when an app is advertised to be part of a device it is expected to remain part of the device under the initial cost paid by a user. However, after 30 days (note that it’s the same time the refund policy expires), customers were charged a monthly fee if they wished to continue using the app.

Pairing and syncing this device with smartphones has been frequently ineffective. HELO LX seems to be incompatible with smartphone devices. Setting up the device is cumbersome. It seems HELO LX can work okay on its own but after connecting to the smartphone both devices are found to be unreliable for the intended purpose.

This model is advertised to include blood sugar as part of their metrics. That does not seem to be the case. The blood pressure measuring feature has broken down in days. There have also been issues with the charger not functioning.

One significant inconvenience is that the user must remain still (not shake the wrist) during the time they want to take the heart rate and wait at least another 45 seconds as well. This is very challenging for outdoor walking or jogging if you have to stop to be certain you will get a reliable reading, and you may have to repeat the readings because the previous readings may not be complete or be inaccurate.

It seems that the device may produce readings on the apps even when the user is not even wearing it. Sleep recording data inexplicably disappears after time.

While the device will connect via Bluetooth using the Heka+ app, however, it seems it will not calibrate, therefore, making it entirely unusable for anyone who is keeping track of their blood pressure.

The battery charger has failed to operate after a few months, but now the required battery charger for this product is no longer available.

Aside from its HELO devices, Wor(l)d Global Network also focuses on selling its products under an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) sales model. When customers who purchased the device contact customer service it seems these aspects of the company are merged in this department and when fielding customer concerns (that are not MLM related) there does not seem to a reliable and responsive customer service team to contact. Responses from the team can take months before – and if – the product-related issue is resolved.

A recurring complaint that has been posted by customers is they have received their product two months after placing their orders.

Customers have been required to pay for all shipping costs including returning the defective products as well as paying for the company’s shipping cost to send out the replacement items.

There are numerous reports where customers have communicated cancellation notice requests according to the company’s instructions and to cease future payment deductions and yet months later payments continue to still be deducted.

It may seem to be an exciting prospect to own such a high-tech watch, but if you are really not interested in most of these functions as part of your daily life then it would be better not to spend the money on it.


  • Provides real-time measurements of your bio-parameters
  • HELO LX is water-resistant. Should be removed before showering or other water immersed activities
  • A unique technologically advanced remote monitoring health system
  • The panic button helps to give signal about health to loved ones


  • Not suited for elderly who want a smart device
  • You’ll need to keep your wrist still when the HELO LX measures metrics
  • NOT accurate at all

What’s Included?

HELO LX is powered by the Toshiba ApP Lite processor, the same processor found in the original HELO, a form of AI that allows the device to track measurement patterns.

The device is pretty small weighing in at 103g and measures 2.5 x 4 x 1.2cm. It uses a 120mAh lithium battery and the device also has BioZen technology, which consists of a sticker chip engineered to reduce the harmful effects of electrosmog. Also included is a magnetic charger, which allows the device to be snapped into place without the need of cords for charging.

Included in the band are Germanium and Himalayan salt stones that emit negative ions to counteract any negative effects of EMF typically found in other smart devices.

Overview Of Features

The premise of the HELO LX Health Tracker is on the heart, tracking its activity. It uses a specific 125 Hz frequency to track your cardiovascular health including your heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, breath rate…even fatigue and mood measurements. The HELO LX also offers an overall heart check to assess the health of your “beater”.

This device is also enabled with GPS, an SOS panic button that shows the Google Maps location of the SOS, and integrates with Android and Apple IOS.

Review Summary

HELO LX is the precursor of the new generation of wellness bands, with a new design manufactured from high-end materials and technology and it includes numerous amazing features.

This band monitors your vitals in real-time, in order to provide you with data that can be used to improve your health. The HELO LX goes beyond the more basic fitness watches.

This is a sports and fitness oracle that monitors physically demanding activities or even extreme sports. HELO LX will hold up under any circumstance.

Improve your quality of life through wearable technology as the HELO LX Smartband tracks all of the following:

  • Heart Rate
  • Activity
  • Sleep Quality
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Breath Rate
  • Distance
  • Light Sleep
  • Blood Alcohol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Calories Burned
  • Deep Sleep
  • Blood Sugar
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Energy Level
  • Time Awake

All measurements are stored to build a database to provide a great deal of useful information to improve wellness and lifestyle. Individual users of the HELO bands access their data via the “LifeLog” mobile app (for a monthly subscription fee). Stats tracked by the HELO band which utilizes metrics from heart rate (per minute), breath rate (per minute), and mood/energy.

Your fashion and lifestyle preferences are taken into account thanks to HELO’s multiband sets. They will suit whatever style you choose, be it sporty or classy.

Regarding the accuracy of the HELO measuring devices, Wor(l)d Global Network provides the following disclaimer:
“The measurements are for self-evaluation only and are not intended to substitute any clinic or medical diagnostics or measurements. All values should be considered ambulatory measurements and are subject to variants with a high grade of tolerance in the accuracy.”

“Called by many names, the HELO LX is much more than ‘HELO watch’ or ‘HELO bracelet’. It’s Life-Sensing Technology. Worn on your wrist for convenience, the HELO World opens a whole new frontier for you to improve your lifestyle by constantly monitoring and reporting so much more than the rudimentary statistics it’s so-called competitors report.”


Q: Why does the HELO LX come with Germanium and Himalayan salt stones inside the band?

A: With the growing evidence that EMF radiation is emitted by many smart devices, HELO is designed to include Germanium and Himalayan salt within the wristband to counteract positive ions from smart devices like phones, radios, and computers which cause headaches and poor moods.

Germanium is an element that is also a rare semiconductor with the ability to efficiently respond to infrared light. The first important characteristic of Germanium is that it has the ability to emit negative ions which promotes optimal health. The second important characteristic is that it can promote the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrating the body.

What this means is that when the negatively charged electrons from Germanium are in contact with the human skin, it will attract the harmful positively charged electrons from the body. We know these positive ions as electromagnetic fields that are known to be emitted from smartphones, electronic equipment, chemicals, acid rain, and ultraviolet rays.

Sounds a little confusing, right? Negative is good for the body while positive is harmful. Think of when you go to the doctor to take a test to check if you have strep or STDs. You want a negative result, since positive means you have the illness.

The negative-charge ions purify the blood and create a balance between the positive and negative ions within the body. There are many benefits to this dynamic such as relieving muscle aches and reducing fatigue and tiredness.

The problem positive ions cause is due to a loss of electrons. When the body is subjected to too many positive ions the body loses its ability to resist illness. Negative ions aid in the body’s ability to efficiently metabolize both needed nutrients and purge the body of waste. So the more positive ions in the blood, the less efficient and slower the body becomes to do its job in maintaining optimal health and more susceptible to sickness as well as accelerating the aging process.

Germanium emits a high percent of Far Infrared Rays that penetrate deep into the human body and into the various organs. What these rays are capable of doing is to activate, revitalize, develop, and strengthen the organs and the body. The microcirculatory flow is enhanced as well. As a result, one’s overall health condition is boosted.

Q: Why is the Germanium on titanium plates?
Titanium is a metal that has a lot of unique qualities. The highest strength-to-weight ratio when compared with other metals. Its high tensile strength belies that it is more than 42% lighter than steel. This metal can easily resist corrosive attacks by chlorine, seawater, and even certain acids. Titanium can function under extreme temperatures, while it works great as a heat insulator as well as an excellent reflector of infrared radiation.
For people who have skin that is too sensitive to wearing jewelry made of gold and silver will find titanium to be an ideal substitute.

Q: What are the Benefits of combining Titanium with Germanium?
A: Combining Titanium with Germanium aids in the retention of body heat.

While science has not established these benefits, people have shared their experience of the following (Note – Experiences may vary from individual to individual):

1) A stronger immunity system
2) Increase in blood circulation
3) Elevation of oxygen levels
4) Speeds up metabolism
5) Regulates positive and negative ions
6) Removes harmful toxins
7) Relieves joint and muscle pain
8) Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
9) Controls swelling
10) Reduces water retention
11) Relieves fatigue and tiredness
12) Improves quality sleep
13) Slows down aging
14) Prevents bacterial growth
15) Increases and maintains body warmth


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