Martian Watches Notifier Review: Smartwatch Built for Every Notification

Wearing Martian Watches Notifier White
Martian Watches Notifier Review: Smartwatch Built for Every Notification


As a notifier smartwatch, it works really well, just don’t expect much more. It doesn’t do any activity tracking so steer lear of you need a fitness watch. However, it’s a very attractively priced watch that offers something a little bit different.


  1. Has support for 1000s of apps
  2. Customizable vibration patterns
  3. Battery lasts up to 6 days


  1. Not water resistant
  2. No activity tracking
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Some people want to be as productive as possible. I’m one of them! Every single second counts for them and that is where the Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch fits in.

How much time do you waste checking notifications on your phone? Didn’t finish that task because you got distracted?

To save time from frequently checking notifications, the Martian Notifier provides you with the opportunity to be updated with notifications in real-time with totally zero distraction!

Read the rest of our review to see how this real-time notification watch can help.

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Design & Colors

You can easily tell by glancing at the round-shaped classic device that it is a classic looking watch first and foremost and smartwatch later. It has a small 1.5-inch graphical OLED display located at the bottom of the watch face.

With a digital screen size of just 96 x 16 pixels there isn’t any room for colorful graphics or images. This screen is exists purely to feed you messages in the form of text. The Martian Notifier Smartwatch uses a different approach to discreetly show caller IDs, texts and notifications. It even includes a tap sensor to recall notifications that were received in the last 5 minutes.

Concerning the build quality, the case is made of plastic with a stainless-steel back and a silicone-made band. It includes an open USB charging port which unfortunately means it’s not waterproof in the slightest. A nice touch is that the bands are easily replaceable and it supports any 22mm bands including steel ones.

This smartwatch is available in three basic colors: (1) Black (2) Red and (3) White, although a good number of colorful and easily interchangeable bands are available.

[Clicking on the colors will take you to its official destination at Amazon]

Martian Notifier Black Martian Notifier Red

Martian Notifier White

P.S: The band of the watch is replaceable and can be replaced by any 22mm band. Martian Watches has a number of colorful quick-change bands available at their official Amazon Store.


1. Separate Analog Clock: The analog clock you see is fully separated from the smartwatch infrastructure. It is powered by a separate battery (lasts up to 2 years) and doesn’t drain the battery that is used for alerts and notifications. So even though you finish up the charge, the analog clock will not stop.

2. Caller ID and Notification: This watch features a small OLED Display to discreetly show caller ID, SMS, e-mail, social media posts, news, weather and notifications from 1000s more apps that your smartphone can support.

3. Customizable Vibration Patterns: Now you can feel which notification it is without looking at the watch by the custom vibration patterns. You can set which notification will give long, short or pause vibration feedback.

4. Filtered Alerts: Not all notifications are important enough to be notified. For example, social media notifications are less important while email has the top-most priority. Martian Watches Notifier allows filtering notifications and lets you select which ones you want to get notified for.

5. Tap Glass Notification Recall: Did you miss an important notification? Just tapping on the glass will recall previous notifications that were received in the last 5 minutes.

6. Others: It can work as a remote for your phone camera and can also find your phone or notify you when it goes out of range.

Battery & Compatibility

The Martian Notifier’s battery is interesting enough to draw attention to. The rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery lasts 4-6 days with high vibration alerts on. It also allows to turn off alerts with one button press and save the battery when it is not needed (e.g: at night).

The unique fact here is that unlike other smartwatches, the Martian Notifier Smartwatch uses a separate battery for running the analog clock. So the analog watch will not stop ticking when the smartwatch battery finishes. The isolated battery for the analog clock can last up to 2 years.

Compatibility is not an issue with Martian Watches because it gives support to a wide range of smartphones and tablets. It is fully functional on devices having Android 3.0 or higher, iPhone 4s or higher, iPad (3rd gen), iPad Mini, iPad Air and so forth. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to ensure maximum phone support.

Is the Martian Notifier Smartwatch Worth it?

After checking the price, you’d be forgiven for writing this one off as cheap rubbish. However, it’s actually a pretty good piece of kit.

According to the reviews of 1000+ users, the Martian Watches Notifier does its job well with little to complain about. Some people, in fact, recommended it as the best alternative to Pebble smartwatches.

My own opinion is even more positive. After reviewing the design and features with regards to the price tag, I found it to perform really well. The product is advertised as a notification smartwatch and it aces it in this regard.

It’s true that it’s not an activity tracker and is not water-resistant in any way, but you can’t have it all can you? Well, not at this price anyway!

So if you need a digital notifier with a customizable vibration pattern, the Martian Watches Notifier smartwatch could be worth a look.


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